Let’s Talk!

I have been prompted to draw attention to oral language in the classroom by an article in Edutopia Weekly. It’s free of charge and well worth a look. This week’s article 4 Strategies for Sparking Critical Thinking in Young Children is about ‘fostering investigative conversation’ in K-2. The importance of talk in the classroom has…

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English & Literacy resources PETAA

There is much rich material out there for teachers of all aspects of English and English (and other languages) literacy. It can be difficult to locate just what you want for a specific focus. Here’s some of the good news. PETAA – The Primary English Teaching Association Australia has just released their first fortnightly ‘round-up’…


How good is AI at writing a maths lesson plan?

Well technology has taken it’s next leap with the launch of ChatGPT Open access AI (Artificial Intelligence). It’s currently a research release to gain feedback on AI’s ability to ‘benefit all humanity’. I’m not here to make any political or controversial statements about AI, but I was super intrigued about what it could potentially offer.…

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AARE most popular posts of all time

Happy 2023! Primary Learning wishes everyone a richly creative pedagogical year. For now, it is rest and re-creation, taking stock of those things that are of greatest importance in our private and professional lives, and rebuilding the energies we will need for the beginning of term. There is a fine collection of readings to dip…