Egyptian ancient hieroglyphs on a stone wall

Words & pictures, or vice versa

Learning is fundamentally and profoundly dependent on vocabulary knowledge Mackenzie 2017 Katherin Cartwright – Images are a wonderful way to launch a mathematics lesson, especially if they are full of intriguing or ‘explorable’ mathematical ideas. Kath regularly draws attention to the importance of looking and noticing in building mathematical ideas – see ‘A picture is…

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Motivation to write

Recording our thoughts and ideas, plans and hopes, onto a surface seems to be a necessary part of the human condition. We have certainly been doing it for long enough. Reasons to write We write for so many reasons – I have a list that I have explored and added to over the years. I…



It is so good to be back with face to face learning with PETAA, and a vocabulary workshop that I love working with. It seems almost natural that our teacher minds, our training, our interest in learning steer us into a deep interest in words. Some of the most interesting words and word ideas that…

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Writing People

Dear Mum and Dad I have been going through a box of my mother’s. She was a hoarder, and the box contained mementos from her life. And ours. When we were young we made our own birthday, Christmas, and Fathers’ and Mothers’ Day cards. The ones I found had mostly been created on simple lined…

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