Writing People

Dear Mum and Dad I have been going through a box of my mother’s. She was a hoarder, and the box contained mementos from her life. And ours. When we were young we made our own birthday, Christmas, and Fathers’ and Mothers’ Day cards. The ones I found had mostly been created on simple lined…

Degas painting - Beach at Ebbe

The Question Mark

A recent conversation with a teacher-in-training colleague has prompted this blog. My friend was given the task of preparing and delivering a 45-minute lesson on the question mark. This is pretty typical of the type of lesson we work with in normal circumstances. Now I can’t think of anything more tedious. As a topic for…

composite of hand holding questionmark graphic with blue background
COVID vaccination ampule and syringe on yellow background

Oxford’s 2021 Word of the Year

BREAKING NEWS: Oxford’s 2021 Word of the Year Is a Shot in the Arm is November 1’s New York Times headline. The article describes the context and reasoning behind the decision. It’s an entertaining read. “Vaccine,” already a common-enough word in English, more than doubled in frequency over the past year, as vaccines against the…